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Cities for girls, cities for all: Report from the Vinnova Innovation for Equality Project Her City Toolbox 2019-2021

At the occasion of the 11yh World Urban Forum in Katowice, Poland 26-30 June 2022, we will launch the Her City report “Cities for girls, cities for ally”. It is a testimony from the Vinnova Innovation for Equality Project Her City Toolbox 2019-2021. The objective is to show case results from the Her City partnership projects, and to provide guidelines for gender sensitive participatory planning and design. The report will be launched at the UN-Habitat Arena at WUF11 on 30 June 2:00 pm CET and you will be able to download it here.


A guide for cities to sustainable and inclusive urban planning and design together with girls. Second Edition 

Her City supports urban development from a girl’s perspective. We guide urban actors to implement projects through a step-by-step methodology providing an open and digitally accessible platform for all. We facilitate an ongoing dialogue between professionals and citizens. 

You can download the guide here.

Naomi Hoogervorst on Democratization of Design: “Equal Cities Need Equal Voices”.

Many of us agree that design is still not considered for everyone. That is why we must ask ourselves what is truly democratic in the matters of design – in order to define our vision toward a more just society. From the perspective of architecture and urbanism, we can look at this democratization from different angles, including citizens in participatory processes, in order to find answers to our constant search to improve habitability and accessibility.

The ArchDaily article can be viewed here.

HerCity: Digital Toolbox for Sustainable, Equal and Inclusive Cities

HerCity is a platform that involves women in urban development, in order to make better cities for everyone. Turning the tables and putting girls in the expert position, the digital toolbox aims to create more inclusive, equal, and sustainable cities and communities. The initiative makes methods and tools available to urban actors globally, in order to support cities in integrating girls’ participation in their long-term strategies.

The article can be viewed here.

Urbanistica – Cities for People

Elin Fabre is back again to Urbanistica podcast and sharing the story of Her City toolbox.

Listen to episode #123 if you want to know more about the background of this initiative.

Listen to the podcast here.

Launch of Her City – a digital platform to support girls’ participation in urban planning

To mark International Women’s Day, the independent think tank Global Utmaning together with UN-Habitat, launched the Her City Toolbox, – an open-source digital platform that guides urban actors and decision makers in strengthening girls’ participation in urban planning and design processes.

Download the guide here. 

Her City Toolbox – From Botkyrka to Johannesburg

Her City short film was shown during Sweden Innovation Day 2021 as a good example of social innovation for inclusion.

The short film can be watched here.

About Her City

Involving girls in urban development will make the city better for everyone. Girls plan and design with diversity and different needs in mind. Participatory processes are key for planning a city that works for everyone. If we let citizens that are rarely heard be the experts, our cities and communities will become more inclusive, equal and sustainable.

The presentation on Her City toolbox can be viewed here.

Her City Tutorial in English

The “Let Her guide you” tutorial provides an introduction to the Her City Toolbox.

The Her City toolbox was created to involve girls and young women in the planning, design and construction of tomorrow’s sustainable cities that work for everyone. In this tutorial, you get an overview of the process as each of the toolbox’s 9 unique building blocks are presented.

The english tutorial on Youtube can be watched here.

Her City Training with multi-language subtitles

The purpose of the Her City training is to share the approach, the methodology and the digital tools. The training will provide a clear guidance on how to implement inclusive and sustainable cities together with girls.

The training can be watched here.

Stockholm +50: Looking Back at the 1972 Urban Event that Changed the World

Not all UN-Habitat staff and partners know that it all started there, in Stockholm, fifty years ago. It was a splendid June, the early summer sun welcomed us all day and night, the city looked like a precious black pearl reflected in blue waters, trams streamed effortlessly on the city’s old streets, sailboats and ferries floated happily from and to the countless islands where residents enjoyed their summer weekends, and an important global conference was on its way. This magical atmosphere of beauty, tranquillity and expectation helped everybody imagine that the sun would never set over the hopes of achieving a historical pact for a planet as a safe and healthy home for all of humanity.

The full article can be read here.

Her City: hacer ciudades a la medida de las mujeres

ONU-HĂĄbitat y Global Utmaning crearon una plataforma que incluye a las mujeres en planeaciĂłn urbana.
Si usted quisiera que una obra –un parque, un conjunto residencial o un proyecto a gran escala– estuviera pensada para las mujeres, podrĂ­a descargar de manera gratuita en internet una caja de herramientas digitales que le ayudarĂ­a en su propĂłsito. Se trata de Her City, uno de los Ășltimos proyectos lanzados por ONU-HĂĄbitat para impulsar el desarrollo de ciudades inclusivas y que comprendan la importancia del diseño urbano con enfoque de gĂ©nero. El artĂ­culo se puede ver aquĂ­.

HĂ€r bygger ungdomar ett tryggare Fredriksdal – via datorspel

Ungdomar i Helsingborg har fÄtt möjligheten att pÄverka hur kommunen kan göra Fredriksdal tryggare och trevligare. Via ett datorspel har de byggt förslag pÄ hur omrÄdet kan bli sÀkrare.

– Det Ă€r roligt att vi unga fĂ„r engagera oss och att det inte bara Ă€r de Ă€ldre som gör allt, sĂ€ger Filippa Birkner.

NÀr SVT Nyheter Helsingborg besöker Tryckhuset pÄ Fredriksdal sitter 25 ungdomar fastklistrade framför datorerna. Nu ska de pÄverka sin omgivning.

Under tvÄ dagar pÄ sportlovet fick 25 ungdomar, i Äldrarna 13 till 15, möjligheten att komma med förslag pÄ hur de vill man ska utveckla Fredriksdal.

– Vi vill göra det bĂ€ttre bĂ„de för Ă€ldre och för yngre, sĂ€ger Filippa Birkner.

Se nÄgra av ungdomarnas förslag i klippet ovan.  Artikeln kan ses hÀr.

UN-Habitat’s Her City toolbox empowers women to make significant improvements in urban development

One year ago, on 8 March 2021, UN-Habitat unveiled its Her City toolbox, which, with its embedded participatory processes, helps girls with diverse needs to plan and design cities that work for them, and everyone else.

The toolbox is just another example of how UN-Habitat works to create solutions that allow closing the gender inequality while promoting opportunities for developing more sustainable urban environments.

Since its launch, the toolbox has been tested and implemented in 12 partnership projects in Africa, Middle East, Latin America, and Europe, offering a cost-efficient unique process that provides nine blocks as a digital guideline on how to co-plan cities and public spaces from a girl’s perspective.

The article can be viewed here.

Urban Challenges Handboken – Felmingsberg 2019 – 2021

En sammanfattning om det treåriga samverkansprojektet.

Samverkansprojektet Urban Challenges är en del av en större internationell debatt kring frågor om hållbar stadsutveckling och mobilitet. Med en växande världsbefolkning måste vi överväga hur den framtida rörligheten i städerna skulle kunna se ut och hur vi kan utveckla en mer inkluderande och hållbar stadsutveckling för alla.

Artikeln kan ses hÀr.

Urban Challenges Handbook – Making Public Transport Safe for All

Shared experiences from a three-year collaboration of six multilateral projects.

A collaborative project between representatives from Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Sweden during 2019–2021. The aim was to create safer public transport with a focus on vulnerable communities. It was an initiative by the Swedish Institute in partnership with Impact Hub Stockholm and the Impact Hub Network in Latin America.

The article can be viewed here.