Toolbox instructions

First, you click “register” and fills out the registration form. You register as “facilitator” if you are running a project. Name your project – don’t forget to use a name that is unique and only applies to your project. You can now invite others to join your project as “participants”. Any time, you can see all your collected data in the “results” section.

When you come back to the toolbox you simply click “Login” and you will be redirected to your profile. To start your Her City project, just click “start” and move from block to block. You choose the blocks, activities and steps that are relevant for your project and the others can just be skipped by clicking “skip”. When an activity or step is done, you simply click “done”.

As a guidance, the majority of the toolbox is intended for the project team. When girls and stakeholders are participating, the activity is marked with ☆. When they are the main users it is marked with ★.

Before you start, watch our Let Her Guide You tutorial, read our Her City guide for an overview, or explore a practical example such as the Urban Girls pilot.

If you still feel that you need assistance in kicking off your Her City project, please attend our Her City training on YouTube, where you will learn how to use the toolbox in detail through an interactive workshop.

If you need assistance with your project management or facilitation reach out to us via the “connect” form to engage in a partnership.